Our main is to help maintain cars and valued properties of individuals and companies in today's time pressed fast paced world.


Creating value for our customers by providing appropriate and rapid service with passion and commitment and move ahead as a team.


We constantly review the way we go about our business to ensure operational excellence in all areas of our work.

About Us

Automobile Tub Limited is a wholly owned Ghanaian business set up to deliver professional mobile door to door car wash, valeting, detailing, and domestic cleaning services to a niche market of busy professionals, corporates, hotels, apartment blocks, embassies, high commissions and virtually anyone or institution who owns an automobile, maintains a premises or operates a fleet they adore and value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Automobile Tub?

Automobile Tub is a wholly owned Ghanaian company that provides on demand mobile eco-friendly car wash, valeting, detailing as well domestic cleaning services across selected areas of Accra at a premium but affordable price.

What makes your services eco-friendly?

We strive to deploy environmentally friendly methods in the discharge of our services.